The Artist

About Miss Anna Hall
Maggie Hall is a burgeoning artist who has travelled extensively but now calls Calgary, Alberta home.

Her growing body of work takes its inspiration from the perpetual cycle of consumer pop culture represented through select icons, typography and items and objects from the bygone  'Golden Era' of the last century. Painted in a striking and distinctive pallet of neon and pastel shades; Maggie’s innate sense of colour comes alive on canvas. Through her work, Maggie induces feelings of nostalgia, that both represent and transcend her own childhood memories.  

Maggie refuses to categorize her 'style' stating that, "My everlasting nomadic years of wondering the globe have taught me that the only thing constant in my life is change. I embrace this change both in my own life’s experience and how it is reflected in my paintings. I can only say that my style is un-categorically representative of my journey;  it is open and free to express my emotions and perceptions of the world that surrounds me.  Like a visual biography painted in real-time, it will eventually reflect  the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolutely wondrous."